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Written by Jared Rosenthal

(Courtesy of ESPN.com)

There’s something to be said for rocking an awesome uniform while balling out. If you investigate closely, a uniform is more than just basic garments; it reveals the essence of what that specific program or organization stands for. Whether it be Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Converse or any other brand, the men and women at these corporations constantly seem to weave intricate details into the fabrics, subconsciously providing sports fans with stronger connections to their teams. Many of the designs and patterns correlate to team/school history, insignias, stage (playoffs, holidays, etc), and the team's location. This is especially prevalent when it comes to college basketball teams and their jerseys, so let me remind you of some of the top college basketball uniforms that have been worn within the last 15 years.  

10. 2017 Arizona (Alternate)

9. 2006 Georgetown (Road)

8. 2015 Notre Dame (Alternate)

7. 2016 FSU (Road)

6. 2019 Duke (Alternate)

5. 2020 Syracuse (Alternate)

4. 2020 Northwestern (Chicago - Inspired)

3. 2009 Marquette (Alternate)

2. 2017 Oregon (Alternate) 

1. 2011 North Carolina (Digital Camouflage)

Money aside, if I were to select a brand to manufacture my school’s uniforms, then I would select Nike to do this because it tends to do a magnificent job marketing the top collegiate athletes in their threads as well as producing aesthetically pleasing uniforms with commendable regard to the times. When people reflect upon their favorite teams (or notable teams) throughout their lives--after reminiscing about wins and losses--they immediately remind each other about the gear that was worn. By having astounding, revolutionary, and simply memorable uniforms, fans bond together over their common interpretations, putting smiles on each others’ faces. Deep within the threads are bottomless memories, so if we want to amplify the sports fan experience, we must continue on our path of innovation, sustaining as well as adding to the memories that will last lifetimes. 

(Courtesy of The Spun)

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