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The Schmeichels: Like Father, Like Son

Written by: Massimo Cipriano

The bond between father and son is one of the strongest out there, and a shared passion for the beautiful game can only further strengthen it. While this connection can be found in families around the world, it is truly special to find a father and son who succeed at the apex of world soccer. In celebration of Father’s Day, we look at one of the most legendary father-son duos in the history of soccer. What makes these two so special, is that their success both came between the pipes. The last name Schmeichel can be associated with world-class goalkeeping, whether referring to father or son.

(Photo: Andreas Houmann)

The father, Peter, is one of the most decorated goalkeepers of all time, who played for Manchester United during the legendary reign of Sir Alex Ferguson. In his notorious career at Old Trafford, he won five English Premier Leagues, three FA Cups, and lifted the 1999 UEFA Champions League trophy that completed a legendary treble. He also had his share of national glory, winning the 1992 UEFA European Championship with Denmark, earning a spot in the Team of the Tournament. Schmeichel’s rock-solid career for United gave him the reputation as one of the greatest goalkeepers in Premier League history.

(Photo:Getty Images)

While Kasper does not have the same trophy cabinet as his father, he undoubtedly had the most memorable season in Premier League history. Peter and Kasper bonded through goalkeeping, and Kasper soon found the same passion and talent that his father had. Kasper got his launching pad into top soccer from his father, whose waning career at Manchester City exposed his son to top-notch youth soccer in his late teenage years. Kasper bounced around through low-level clubs throughout England and Scotland, until he finally found his home at Leicester in 2011. Leicester was a Championship side clawing for promotion to the Premier League. In 2014, in Kasper’s third season with the Foxes, Leicester won the Championship, and were itching to do their best in the top flight…

However, if you told him that Leicester was going to beat 5000-1 odds to lift the Premier League trophy in their second Premier League season (2015-2016), he would totally agree with you.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Ranieri’s boys really pulled off an amazing surprise, which will go down as a miracle whose glory will be uncontested for years to come. After a long career, he finally enjoyed his father’s glory at the age of 29 years old. Kasper will be remembered for his heroic season and those following, saving his team on multiple occasions year after year. He would’ve had a chance to replicate his father’s national glory this summer, if the European Championship wasn’t cancelled due to COVID-19.

(Photo: Twitter @kschmeichel1)

While Kasper and Peter may be remembered differently for their respective paths to success, their connection through goalkeeping will be remembered by fans forever.

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