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Rankings the Cities with the Best “Big 4” Sports Teams

Written by Jack Kramer

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Since 2000, no city has had better success with sports teams than Boston. With a whopping 12 titles in the last 20 years there was no denying that Boston had the best teams in that span. However with the departures of Tom Brady and Mookie Betts, Boston may have left the door open for other cities to sneak by them in terms of being the best sports town in the US. Here are my best sports towns for 2020 and beyond:

Honorable mentions: 6-Denver, 7-Houston, 8-Washington DC, 9-New York, 10-Chicago

5. Dallas

The Dallas area comes into 2020 with three pretty solid sports teams and an average Texas Rangers team. The Texas Rangers will enter 2020 as right around a .500 team, but this is a .500 team that has an elite rotation with Mike Minor, Lance Lynn, Corey Kluber, Kyle Gibson, and Jordan Lyles as the starting 5. That is about as good of a rotation as there is in the AL and the Rangers could definitely make some noise. The Dallas Stars had their season cut off in 2020 with 82 points good enough for 6th best in the West. The Stars are an elite defensive team that has allowed the second least amount of goals in 2020. A tough and grindy team is what the Stars bring to Dallas. The Mavericks have surprised the league and the emergence of superstar Luka Doncic is one to watch for years to come. The Mavericks scored the second most points per game in the West. The Mavs are going to be good for a long time. As for Dallas most important team, the Cowboys are extremely close to going on a Super Bowl run. New Coach Mike McCarthy brings experience to a Dallas team that desperately needs someone who changes the tide. The Cowboys are one of the most talented teams in the NFL and America’s team is good enough to do some damage in the playoffs.

4. Boston

The city of Boston has seen a dozen parades and each of its’ 4 pro sports teams win a title in the 21st century, but the outlook looks much bleaker for Beantown in the coming years. A dynasty seems to be on its way out in Foxboro as Tom Brady is now a Buccaneer and Bill Belichick is nearing his 70s. But what a run it was for the Patriots who won 6 titles in the last 20 years. As for Boston’s other team on the downfall, the Red Sox lost superstar Mookie Betts in a trade to the Dodgers. A Red Sox team that still won 84 games in 2019 now has to deal with no Chris Sale for a little over a year due to Tommy John Surgery. Not to mention a subpar farm system as well as a brand new manager. The Red Sox are going to hear it from Yankee fans for the coming years. On the other hand the Celtics and Bruins both look to be near the top of their leagues. The Celtics had the 3rd best record in the East before the suspension of the season were led by the young stud Jayson Tatum as well as Kemba Walker. The Celtics are going to have right around $25 million in cap space next season so they may add another key piece to an already good roster. As for the Bruins, they have quickly become Boston’s best team. The team with the best record in the NHL has a key piece at goaltender with Tuukka Rask as well as a key leader in Zdeno Chara. Not to mention the leading goal scorer in the NHL with David Pastrnak, the NHL favorites look ready to bring a 13th title since 2000 back to Boston.

3. The Bay Area

Even with the Raiders leaving town and heading to Vegas, the Bay features 2 championship ready teams as well as a solid Athletics team. Although the Bay houses two teams near the bottom of the respective leagues (Giants and Sharks), there is plenty to like in the Bay. The 49ers might as well be the NFC favorites with the NFL’s best defense led by Nick Bosa and a fantastic pass rush. The 49ers are young, deep and extremely talented. This is a team that fellow NFL teams are going to fear playing and it looks like the Niners are going to be good for a long time. The most interesting team in the Bay is the Warriors who won 3 titles in the last 5 years, but oddly enough had the worst record in the NBA this season. That actually might have benefitted the Warriors who now have both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson coming back from injury as well as high odds at top pick in the draft. Not to mention fellow All-Star Draymond Green is also in the mix. The Warriors are contenders as long as they stay healthy. As for the Athletics, this is a team that always seems to be in the playoff picture despite the lack of immense talent. The A’s constantly grind out wins and have a front office that always seems to push the right buttons. The A’s are a good team that can push teams around and could shock in the playoffs, but it is yet to be seen if they can make a deep October run.

2. Philadelphia

Philadelphia seems to be the only city that has 4 good sports teams. The Flyers, Phillies, Eagles and 76ers are all solid teams that can all win a title if a team got hot like the Eagles did in 2018. The Flyers were near the top in the Eastern Conference prior to the stoppage of play and are solid on all aspects of play. A team that scores a lot and a team that defends well can beat teams many ways. This is a good team that can make noise in the NHL playoffs. As for the Phillies, this is a team that underachieved in 2019 but has a lot of talent. Bryce Harper leads the Phils into 2020 with a solid lineup and a decent rotation. Injuries plagued the Phillies in 2019 with Andrew McCutchen, Jake Arrieta and many bullpen arms going down. A healthy Phillies team with new manager Joe Girardi can succeed and has the ability to make a playoff run. Like the Phillies, the Eagles 2019 season was crushed with injuries. The Eagles were so banged up that they had to play Undrafted Free Agents at both RB and WR, but still managed to win the NFC East thanks to an excellent coaching performance by Doug Pederson. The Eagles surely won’t be this unlucky again and are positioned to make another playoff appearance. As for the 76ers although they have fallen short of expectations so far in 2020, this was a team that was 3 points away from going to the Eastern Conference Finals a year ago. The 76ers have two superstars in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons and have the ability to beat any team in the league. The question for the 76ers is consistency, but this is a team that has unlimited potential and could win the Eastern conference if they got hot.

Photo is a collage when LA hosted home games in 5 different leagues on the same day for the first time in history. (Photo via Orange County Register)

1. Los Angeles

The amount of superstars that LA has to offer is no match for any other city. The City of Angels features the two of the best NBA teams, a top MLB team, an up and coming MLB team, a good NFL team and an average NFL team. The Lakers and Clippers seem to pack Staples Center on a daily basis with studs LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George calling LA home. The Lakers and Clippers were two of the NBA’s best teams before the pause and were on a collision course to see each other in a 7 game series at some point. With some of NBA’s best players, LA is extremely close to getting another Larry O’Brien trophy. Baseball in Los Angeles drastically improved this offseason with Mookie Betts joining the already stacked Dodgers and with Anthony Rendon joining the Angels and MLB’s best player, Mike Trout. The Dodgers who have won 7 straight NL West titles and have appeared in 2 of the last 3 world series, are once again the National League favorites. The Dodgers are as good as any team in baseball and really show no weakness. A team with great pitching, an excellent lineup and a deep and versatile bench. It’s been 32 years since the Dodgers won the World Series, but they have a legitimate shot to win one in the next couple years. As for the other LA baseball team, the Angels are only improving. Adding superstar Anthony Rendon to help Mike Trout adds a powerful 1-2 punch on offense. New manager Joe Maddon should bring a winning mentality and life to the Angels. The Halos are dangerous and have the capability of winning their first playoff series since 2009 in the near future. As for football in LA, the Rams are just two years off a Super Bowl appearance and have a lot of talent including star Aaron Donald, and could be enough to make some noise in the NFC West. The Rams are solid, but it remains to be seen if they can recapture that magic from the 2018 season and make another deep playoff push. As for the Chargers, they like the Rams have a lot of talent and are waiting for a breakthrough season. The Chargers have question marks with their quarterback for now, but they have a pretty good defense and some elite weapons on offense. There is enough there for the Chargers to shock people but they may need some help along the way. Even though the LA area has two hockey teams that are poor, the sports world should center around Hollywood for the future.

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