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Kanye West's "Power" 10 Years Later

Written by Caleb Craig

Kanye West went through some serious controversy in the late 2000s through early 10s. That did not stop him from releasing one of his most influential songs ever, on May 28th, 2010. “Power” has become a stadium classic, a party anthem, and a classic pump up song. Although I personally am not a huge fan of Kanye- even I can say “Power” is a total banger.

Powers Music Video (Photo Via Vevo)

The opening “Uh-uh Hey-eh”, a vocal sample of ‘Continent Number 6’ by Afromerica, can be heard in college football stadiums all over the country. But in its roots, “Power” has a simple structure with the vocal sample acting as a type of chorus for Kanye’s exposed voice. After Kanye's powerful vocals comes an electric guitar lick that acts as the Bass throughout the intro later on serving as a melodic backing track. Last of all, the drums that fill out the song- Kanye interestly opts for a more drum set sound over 808’s giving it a more rock inspired feeling.

West uses lyrical sampling of ‘21st Century Schizoid Man’ by King Crimson, some of the rock inspiration supposedly came from the original song as well. West's lyrics are in response to many things such as the closing of schools, Snl’s depiction of him after his Taylor Swift controversy in 2009, and how everyone should have power, not just one person.

Kanye West in the Studio (Via: Rolling Stone)

As I mentioned earlier “Power”is used in many college stadiums. It became a stadium classic because of its exciting intro and it was easy to recognize and remember. Even though “Power” came out 10 years and a handful of days ago it will live on as a stadium classic.

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