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Written by Jared Rosenthal

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Los Angeles is a place where just about anything goes. It’s almost to the point where if you wore a Speedo, winter boots, and a cowboy hat on any given Tuesday in that city … you would still be looked at as normal. This glimpse of uniqueness of the LA society can also be seen through the city’s sports teams in the respect that there is a pioneer-like aura when it comes to its successes. There is no traditional way of succeeding in Los Angeles whether it be in the film industry, medical field, technological areas, or even the sports world, so the positive outcomes from these journeys are absolutely praiseworthy! There are multifarious iconic moments in Los Angeles sports history that are worth a great deal of importance to the world, but the 10 that I am revealing are the ones that have meant the most to fans with regard to potency, prior battles, nostalgia, and sheer heart enthrallment.

10. Lakers Win Most Consecutive Games in 1971-72 Season

(Courtesy of NBA.com)

9. 2006 Clippers Beat Denver in Round 1 of Playoffs, Break 30 Year Curse of No Playoff Advancement

(Courtesy of NBA.com)

8. 1962 USC Football Wins First Championship with Coach John McKay

(Courtesy of USC News - University of Southern California)

7. Lakers Defeat Celtics in Game 7 of 2010 NBA Finals, Claim Last Laugh in Rivalry

(Courtesy of Los Angeles Times)

6. Alec Martinez Scores Game 5 Overtime Goal, Kings Win 2014 Stanley Cup

(Courtesy of The Spokesman-Review)

5. John Wooden’s Final Championship Victory and Final Year Coaching at UCLA (1975)

(Courtesy of The Becker T3 Group)

4. Fernando Valenzuela Takes LA by Storm in 1981, Winning a Cy Young Award, Rookie of the Year, and World Series

(Courtesy of The Cooler)

3. Los Angeles Raiders Win City’s Only Super Bowl (XVIII)

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2. Kobe Bryant’s Final Game, April 13, 2016, Drops 60 Points on Jazz to Win

(Courtesy of YouTube)

1. Kirk Gibson’s 1988 World Series Game 1 Walk-Off Home Run v.s. Oakland

(Courtesy of YouTube)

Each moment above has a renowned story that accompanies it, allowing people to be impacted on a larger scale to promote the concept of dream chasing. Winning is ideal, but the manner in which one conducts himself or herself along the way is what defines that particular warrior. Based on these 10 events, we can agree upon how LA is a gigantic entertainment factory that generates tale after tale with one common theme: tackling hardships. Whether you have deeply analyzed these instances or not, I can confidently tell you that these 10 events changed the structure and/or dynamic of the respective sport in which the given team succeeded and to this day we can see the remnants and constant up-keeping of the chronicles. Do not expect any sort of deviation from this narrative for the next century; Los Angeles and its glamour are here to stay for a while so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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