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For Better or Worse - Pittsburgh Pirates

Written by Caleb Craig

I am a Pittsburgh sports fan and let's be honest, they are legendary- 6 Lombardi’s and 5 Stanley Cups. The one team we don't talk about as fans is the Pittsburgh Pirates. Since 2000 the Pirates have averaged .455 win percentage, between 1993 and 2013 they hadn't even made the playoffs.

Andrew McCutchen is one of few stars the Pirates have had since 2000 before being traded in 2018. (Photo via Justin Berl/Getty Images)

For the Better: The Pirates have a better roster than normal- players such as Josh Bell or Joe Musgrove could realistically have a good shortened season. That being said, that's me being overly optimistic. But a very real reason to be optimistic is the Pirates will actually have a top 10 pick for the first time in years.

For Worse: Right here's where I really rip the band aid off. In the intro I explained just how bad this team is. In the MLB I am a Cardinals fan- yes it’s the only major sport that I cheer for a team outside of my home state for. But let me explain ... as a kid I didn't watch the MLB because the Pirates ruined my relationship with baseball. Yes, that's how bad they are. But the team I did cheer for was my home town State College Spikes. When they were the class A short season Spikes were affiliated with the Pirates they were… not great. But in 2013 the Spikes became the class A short season affiliate for the Cardinals it instantly changed. Suddenly there were better players and management. But that all has made me realize that the entire Pirates organization is the problem. They don’t know how to get better or win. They did not know how to draft or how to find good management. That is the biggest problem! It makes me realize how hard it would be to be a Browns fan in the NFL or a Knicks fan in the NBA. In the end, all I can say is Pirates- do better we know you can and you deserve to. Anyways, here is the beautiful PNG Stadium.

(Photo via: Wikipedia)

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