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CFB- Short Kings

Written by: Caleb Craig

College Football is full of the greatest athletes in the world- often these athletes are the tallest and strongest players who are built like Greek gods. But not every player in the league is that way. Today we look at some College Football Stars who also happen to be short kings

Tarik Cohen- 5’6

(Photo Via: Bardown)

Sorry, Tarik, but this was a hard photo to not choose. Tarik comes in at a small, but very powerful 5’6. Because of his size, Cohen was never given the shot he deserved in college attending North Carolina A&T… and you’re lying if you say you knew North Carolina A&T had a football team before Cohen. But Cohen went off at the FCS level putting up 1500+ rushing yards in his Junior and Senior season. To put that in perspective that’s more than Saquon ever did, and Cohen did it twice although it was against much worse of competition.

Rondale Moore- 5’9

(Photo Via: Bleacher Report)

Rondale was very sadly injured for most of this season, but the dude’s freshman year was insane since the 5’9 wide receiver caught 114 balls for 1258 yards. I can’t help but state the fact that the speedster exponentially helped his team beat Ohio State in 2018 when Moore caught 12 balls for 170 yards. Yep, all that against a stud defense.

Doug Flutie- 5’10

(Photo Via: Hero Sports)

At Boston College, Flutie was unbelievable statistically, throwing for 3,454 yards, 27 TD, and a 60.4 CMP in his senior year. Flutie was great… but also 5’10 in a time when 6’2 was too short (Yep which was a real knock on Steve Young out of College). But Flutie was best known for his time in the CFL where he amassed a total of 41,355 yards in 7 years. Not many guys will ever put up those numbers ever again even in the CFL.

Lamont Wade- 5’9

(Photo Via: The Tribune)

Unless you are a huge Penn State fan (like myself) or a huge Big Ten fan, (Shout out Jared- Wisconsin still sucks) you may not know this name but Lamont Wade was a Second Team All Big-10 Safety (according to Pro Football Focus). Wade may not put up huge numbers, but was one of the premiere run support safety’s last season. Amassing 67 tackles and 4.5 TFL, Wade’s role will expand this season as he is expected to play slot corner and flex safety.

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