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Ben Simmons Deserves More Credit

Written by: Caleb Craig

Ben Simmons was the first overall pick in the 2016 draft class. A class that produced other talented players like Jaylen Brown (3rd), Jamal Murray (7th), and Pascal Siakam (27th) just to name a few. Often people say Simmons didn’t deserve to be the 1st overall pick; citing his 3 point shooting as his main drawback. Since he plays Point Guard, a position typically riddled with shooters like Curry or Young that average 25 or so a game. Simmons is expected to do the same. But he doesn’t- Simmons has made his living under the basket. This season Simmons is “Shooting” 58.5% his highest percentage yet- even being .333% from the 3 point line... yes that’s a victory in his world.

Simmons Shot chart from 2018-2019 (Via: @JeffZillgitt on Twitter)

Simmons averaged 16.7 points before the NBA’s Hiatus, although that wasn’t as good as last season it is notably higher than many well established big men in the league, and since the 76ers line up is well rounded with scoring and defense- averaging 16.7 ppg can be enough. Especially because he plays better defense than almost every guard in the league. So remind me again why he shouldn't be a first overall pick? Well, let's look at some of those other players in the same class. Brandom Ingram the 2nd pick is an incredible player who averages 16.2 points in his career which is less than Simmons, and 24.3 this season which is fantastic, but he had begun to slow before the hiatus- also he does not play any defense. Jaylen Brown was the 3rd pick in his career, He only averages 12.9 ppg but this year Ingram was on fire averaging 20.4 ppg and playing minimal defense. Much past that statistically Simmons is still the best player in the class and doesn’t need a good jumper if he can keep making buckets and stopping others from being able to. In conclusion- leave Ben Simmons alone, he’s doing just fine.

(Image Via SB NATION)

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